ADVERTORIAL: Gloucestershire firm encourages and invests in employees of the future

A world-leading manufacturer with a state-of-the-art HQ in Gloucestershire says it values its apprentices for bringing fresh ideas to the company.

Dowty Propellers has a Gloucestershire heritage dating back over 80 years, making propeller blade systems for use on commercial and military turboprop aircraft and seacraft.

The firm is one of the biggest employers of engineering talent in the county, with some 325 employees in Gloucestershire working to maintain its position as supplier of choice for propeller systems.

A further 100+ employees are based in fixed or roaming facilities around the world, offering support to customers in the maintenance and overhaul of their aircraft.

Dowty has been investing in apprentices since the 1950s and strongly believes in the value they bring to a business.

In 2021, it broadened its apprenticeship programme from just engineering-based apprenticeships to also offering business support apprenticeships in such areas as materials purchasing and sourcing.

As such, the firm is clearly the perfect sponsor of the Business, Administrative & Financial Services category at the Gloucestershire Live Apprenticeship Awards 2021.

New ideas

Dowty Propellers knows that its apprentices are crucial to the continuing success of the business.

President of Dowty Propellers Henry Johnston said: “We certainly recognise the valuable role that apprentices play in our company.

“By injecting young talent into our experienced workforce, we benefit from new ideas and ways of working, fill skills gaps and achieve a balanced, diverse team.

“We’re one of the biggest employers of engineering talent in the area and offer several different apprenticeship schemes – craft, business, degree and postgraduate.

“We really believe in encouraging and investing in engineers of the future by promoting STEM education and offering multi-level apprenticeship schemes and fast-track development programmes.”