ADVERTORIAL: Safran still recruiting apprentices despite Covid-hit aerospace industry

Safran is a heavyweight of the Gloucestershire engineering and manufacturing industries and continues to support apprenticeships for young people.

Safran spokesperson Lisa de Claite Ross said: “Despite the Covid impact, Safran has continued to engage with young people wishing to start careers within Aerospace.

“Apprentices, like all employees, have had a challenging year moving to remote learning and working and have had to adapt like so many in other organisations.

“Our strategy is to continue to engage with young people to support and encourage them into the aerospace industry through apprenticeships.

“That’s just one of the reasons we sponsored the Outstanding Contribution to Apprenticeships category at the recent Gloucestershire Live Apprenticeship Awards.”

Continuing support

Safran Landing Systems is the world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems and is part of Safran, the international high technology group operating in the aviation, defence and space markets.

It has a world-class team based in Gloucestershire developing, manufacturing, maintaining, repairing and overhauling aircraft landing gear.

The varied and broad experience that Safran provides to all of its apprentices gives an excellent opportunity to achieve and excel in an exciting career in Aerospace and engineering.

Despite a recent survey, showing that 64% of companies had failed to invest in new apprentices over the last 12 months and with more than half of firms shelving plans to take on young workers, Safran Landing Systems in Gloucester is continuing to recruit new apprentices.

Technological edge

Needless to say, Safran, a member of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, still sees having an apprentice as a fantastic opportunity to benefit from new ideas.

Lisa said: “At Safran, we believe encouraging knowledge sharing and enabling people to acquire new skills is essential to our business.

“To build the future and maintain our technological edge, we’re constantly looking for talented new people to join our company.

“In return, we provide opportunities to help our people to develop professionally through Apprenticeships, graduate programmes and beyond.”

Find out more?

Safran Landing Systems in Gloucester advertises its Apprenticeships from January each year. To find out more about all career opportunities at Safran, filter through the jobs section of the website.

The Gloucestershire Live Apprenticeship Awards took place on October 13. For the full list of winners, see the website.