ADVERTORIAL: Smailes Goldie says nimbleness has helped businesses during the pandemic

There are all sorts of qualities that make for a great business. Having a compelling story to tell. Competitive pricing. Well-managed finances. Strong relationships with people. Creativity. Resilience.

But the one that has really stood out this year has been adaptability. Changing to meet the demands of new circumstances has rarely been so important.

Businesses across the region have had to adapt to new ways of working, whether they have been forced to turn their offices into empty vessels, close completely or find covid-safe ways of working.

Smailes Goldie Charted Accountants wants to celebrate and highlight the successes of those businesses that are leading the way, even during the pandemic, which is why the company is once again a sponsor for the HullLive Business Awards, taking place on Thursday, November 18, 2021 at the DoubleTree by Hilton.

Mike Stocks, a partner at Smailes Goldie, said: “As Hull’s largest independent accountancy, tax and business advisory firm, we have seen first-hand the challenges faced by the region’s businesses during the pandemic and the determination and ingenuity they have used to overcome these challenges.

“That is why we are delighted to be able to support the HullLive Business Awards once again this year and to sponsor the Business of the Year (51+ employee) category.

“It is wonderful to be able to recognise the efforts of businesses to survive and thrive during the pandemic – sometimes against the odds – protecting and creating jobs, while ensuring consumers and businesses can still access the valuable goods and services they provide”.

Smailes Goldie says it is the businesses that have been the nimblest, the most effective in pivoting to the demands of new circumstances that have fared best in the pandemic.

This certainly is not a criticism of the many businesses that have sadly gone under during the pandemic, Smailes Goldie says. Scores of otherwise viable and successful businesses have had to shut their doors. For some, adapting to the demands of the pandemic was, though no fault of their own, unfeasible.

Smailes Goldie is Hull’s largest independent accountancy, tax and business advisory firm

But this takes nothing away from those businesses that have been agile on their feet – the hospitality businesses that have branched out into takeaway, street food and cook at home services, the local retail businesses that have moved online and found a new national customer base, the office-based businesses that have developed innovative ways of working.

The ability to adapt has come to the fore during the pandemic. Things have rarely changed so quickly and so regularly.

Yet, the ability to adapt and flex with changing demands is critical in normal times and looks set to increase in importance with the pace of social and technological change.

In the coming years, virtually all businesses will need to be using cloud-based accounting packages to keep track of their finances in real-time and make submissions to HM Revenue & Customs. Meanwhile, customer demand looks set to shift towards increasing levels of personalisation.