Uptime: The YouTube founder-backed ‘knowledge hacking’ app making a move into the City


ave you ever had the horrible thought there isn’t enough time to learn even a fraction of what you hoped to in life?

Enter Uptime, a London-based educational app launched last year and backed by YouTube founder Chad Hurley and former Tesco CEO Terry Leahy.

The app, which has raised around £14 million to date, combines fast-working AI and human skill to create five-minute “knowledge hacks” on everything from Socrates and physics to the latest documentaries.

The hacks distill key ideas and insights from some of the world’s best books and courses, and involve watching, reading and listening. Titles range from NYT bestsellers to works on how to have great sex, all condensed into five minutes.

The idea is to allow you to learn in the gaps, to make more knowledge accessible and digestible.

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Uptime currently offers around 1,500 “hacks”, and has clocked 150,000 downloads. Since launching a premium paid subscription offering in April it has seen 75,000 users, including 3,000 subscribers.