The 20-year-old who is the go-to guy for luxury apparel for Lionel Messi, Drake and James Corden

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for Sam Morgan, 20, who recently put together 60 hampers for a Premier League football club and sourced a dog for a Manchester United player.

Mr Morgan started re-selling shoes when he was 14 but now works with some of the biggest names in football through his concierge service.

Most 20-year-olds are either at university or taking their first steps in the working world, but Sam is regularly speaking to and working with the likes of Lionel Messi, James Corden and Drake.

Image: Sam started selling shoes when he was 14 and has since expanded his business. Pic sammorgan/Instagram

Declan Rice, Mauricio Pochettino and Dave are just some of his clients and he boasts a lengthy contacts list of top footballers, who go to him for their outfitting needs.

When Mr Morgan discovered the culture of buying and selling high-end, rare shoes, he never envisioned working with A-list celebrities.

These aren’t your everyday off-the-rack trainers, they are often one-of-a-kind items like Yeezys, Jordans 1s and Nike Dunks which can resell for thousands of pounds.

While he was managing his business and schooling, during his A-levels he decided to drop out because work was picking up and his brother was ill.

He left school with As and A*s at GCSE but decided to focus full-time on his business.

“I started off with the business of selling shoes, which evolved into clothes, shoes and other pieces. Now, I run a service of getting whatever someone needs really,” Mr Morgan told Sky News.

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“I’m selling a lot of watches and bags, travel stuff from Goyard or Louis Vuitton. I source whatever people need, at the moment I’ve got this Tiffany Patek Phillippe that’s just come out, which retailed at £40,000 and there are only 170 in the world.

“I’ve got one which I am trying to sell for £4m and one just sold in an auction for $6.5m. It really varies but I started selling shoes for £300-400 and now selling pieces for millions.”

Mr Morgan sources and supplies hard-to-get items for clients and recently secured Drew House clothing for Manchester City and England star Jack Grealish and runner-up from Love Island’s 2019 edition, Molly-Mae Hague; a Dior coat for Fredo and a pair of Yeezy 700 “Waverunners” for Ed Sheeran and Anne Marie.

Image: England and Manchester City player Jack Grealish is one of Sam’s regular clients. Pic sammorgan/Instagram

“I never knew what I was going to end up doing but I ended up creating this Instagram, which basically turned into a personal shopping site but has turned into a luxury concierge,” he said.

From camping outside stores to meeting Lionel Messi

When Mr Morgan, from North London, first started selling shoes, he would wait for “drops” and camp outside sports stores.

He realised they were “always easy to ship” (sell on) because the demand was so high, but he never had the intention of starting a full-blown business.

Former Arsenal full-back Cohen Bramell was his first client, followed by Newcastle midfielder Joe Willock, his brother Chris, who plays for QPR, and Chelsea defender Trevoh Chalobah but he quickly expanded his portfolio of clients, through recommendations and word of mouth.

Image: It’s not just footballers who use Sam’s business but also rappers such as Fredo and Dave. Pic sammorgan/Instagram

“I should say that not all my clients are footballers but I guess a lot of footballers have a very good following, so that’s where I used to market my business around,” he said.

“I wasn’t giving these guys free stuff, I have never done that. But these guys ended up becoming my clients and they’ve got such a small circle and the word just went around.

“That’s what I’ve marketed myself around because my followers what to see what Aubameyang bought or what other footballers bought.”

In September, he travelled to Paris, after one of his clients, Leandro Paredes, introduced him to Angel Di Maria, Lionel Messi and other Paris Saint Germain stars.

Image: Earlier this year Sam flew to Paris to meet Lionel Messi and other Paris Saint Germain players. Pic sammorgan/Instagram

Many people would have been star-struck to be in the same room as Messi, but for Mr Morgan, it was a business transaction.

“When I was meeting him I never thought, ‘oh my god this is Messi’. On my phone, I have targets from 2018, where I have to sell to Messi, Drake and Ronaldo. The fact that I sold to him just shows how far I have come.

“But before I’d arrived in Paris, I had the payment from him (Messi), so it was a business transaction.

“If I am selling to him and meeting him, he has obviously heard good things about me, to pay me before he’s even met me as well.

“If when I met him I was fanboying him, there would be a lack of professionalism and how could I expect to keep selling to him. It really hit me after, when I realised how crazy it is.”

Becoming friends with Declan Rice and learning from James Corden

Soon after deciding to pursue his fledgling side-hustle as a full-blown business, Mr Morgan met Declan Rice through a Facebook group.

Image: Sam met Declan Rice on a Facebook group and they have since become friends. Pic sammorgan/Instagram

At the time, Rice was a prospect in West Ham’s youth team, not a key player for club and country. While he wasn’t one of his biggest clients, he and Rice have become good friends since and their career trajectories have followed similar, almost astronomical rises.

But his breakthrough moment came when another England midfielder, Dele Alli – who Mr Morgan met through Southampton defender Kyle Walker-Peters on the video game Fortnite – introduced him to the England squad and when he was later introduced to Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba during the 2018 World Cup.

Image: In 2018, Sam set himself the target of selling to Drake, whom he met in 2019. Pic sammorgan/Instagram

“For the first two years, I was running completely on my own. I’d have to know what was coming out and send them to my clients. I would be on my phone from 9am to 11pm,” he said.

“Now I have people doing that whole side for me, which allows me to sell even more stuff and I can spend time on the items that are between £5,000 up to millions of pounds.”

Mr Morgan now has a documentary on Channel 4, called Garms Dealer, which follows him as he sources and sells exclusive merchandise to some of his clients.

He said: “Someone who helped me a lot, and he is also a client of mine is James Corden. Honestly, he is such a top guy and he’s helped me with the TV series that’s coming out on 23 December.

Image: James Corden advised Sam on his Channel 4 documentary. Pic sammorgan/Instagram

“I really look up to him in terms of what he’s done with his production company and just being an amazing actor and a comedian. He’s one of the few people and clients I really look up to.”

Building a network through trust

For Mr Morgan, his business is heavily reliant on trust and honesty.

He never reaches out to potential clients and has built his extensive portfolio through word of mouth.

“The main part of the business is trust and honesty. Paredes introduced me to Di Maria and Messi and I am good friends with the Pochettino family, so I was highly respected when I went there.

Image: Sam first met Paul Pogba at the 2018 World Cup. Pic sammorgan/Instagram

“Because I am young, someone who doesn’t know me or know what I do might undermine me. But people who know me know I am a serious businessman and there’s so much that goes behind all this.

“You have got to manage people’s expectations. My regular clients know that whatever they need I will sort it for them. My regular ones who shop with me all the time, we have mutual respect, where a lot of my clients have become friends to me.”

Image: Sam, pictured with his family, hopes to expand his business into property and financial advice. Pic sammorgan/Instagram

Having worked on his own for the first two-and-a-half years, Mr Morgan now has four employees which allows him to focus on getting the top end items for clients.

Despite regularly meeting A-listers like Drake and Corden, he has to ensure he is the consummate professional.

He admitted that when he first started selling to famous people, he got a bit star-struck but added: “People think I have got an ego, but I don’t get star-struck. I did when I first started and it was all new to me, but I honestly never get star struck now.”

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From shoes to dogs

Mr Morgan first started selling shoes and after six years of hard work he has branched out to source all sorts of items for his clients.

Just before he spoke to Sky News on 17 December, he sourced an iPhone for a client who needed it the same day.

Among other odd requests included sourcing a dog for Manchester United full-back Alex Telles’ sister.

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He said: “I’ve got to delegate my business, I can’t be in 100 places at once. I’ve got different people sorting different things.

“I sorted everything myself to the point where I can employ people, who can do it for me. I’ve got a broadcast list, where clients can request whatever they want.

“Others will ask for an item, like a black Chanel bag, and I will give them all the options for that and they’ll pick one. Another part of my business that I have recently set up, where clients give me a budget and what they want to buy and I will offer them different options.”

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